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Elementary School

School Principal School Address Telephone
Academy Charter School Yvette Brown 1551 Prairie Hawk Drive (303)660-4881
Acres Green Elementary School Gina Smith 13524 North Acres Green Drive (303)387-7125
American Academy Castle Pines 6971 Mira Vista Lane 720-292-5200
American Academy Lincoln Meadows 10260 Twenty Mile Road 720-292-5300
American Academy Parker 11155 Motsenbocker Road (720)292-5600
Apex Community School 2830 Distant Rock Avenue 303-489-2155
Arrowwood Elementary School Linda Chadrick 10345 Arrowwood Drive (303)387-6875
Ascent Classical Academy Dr. Terrence Moore (720) 541-9809
Aspen View Academy Robert Barber 2131 Low Meadow Boulevard (720)733-3436
Bear Canyon Elementary School Kelly Ursetta 9660 Salford Lane (303)387-6475
Ben Franklin Academy Diana Simpson 2270 Plaza Dr (720)383-4519
Buffalo Ridge Elementary School John Veit 7075 North Shoreham Drive (303)387-5575
Castle Rock Elementary School Deborah Warr 1103 Canyon Drive (303)387-5000
Challenge to Excellence Donna Mitchell 16995 East Carlson Drive (303)841-9816
Cherokee Trail Elementary School Josh Miller 17302 Clarke Farms Drive (303)387-8125
Cherry Valley Elementary School Nancy Wortmann 9244 South State Highway 83 (303)387-8800
Clear Sky Elementary School Kellie Roe 1470 Clear Sky Way (303)387-5900
CloverLeaf Home Enrichment School Tony Winger 312 Cantril Street Ste 101 (303)387-9545
Copper Mesa Elementary School Steve Getchell 3501 Poston Parkway (303)387-7375
Cougar Run Elementary School John Gutierrez 8780 Venneford Ranch Road (303)387-6675
Coyote Creek Elementary School Gigi Whalen 2861 Baneberry Court (303)387-6175
DCS Montessori Charter School Jeromy Johnson 311 Castle Pines Parkway (720)531-3311
Eagle Ridge Elementary School Doug Humphreys 7716 Timberline Road (303)387-7075
eDCSD Kristy Hart 312 Cantril Street (303)387-9465
Eldorado Elementary Katy Kollasch 1305 Timbervale Trail (303)387-6325
Flagstone Elementary School Kelli Smith 104 Lovington Street (303)387-5225
Fox Creek Elementary School Brian Rodda 6585 Collegiate Drive (303)387-7000
Franktown Elementary School Mark Harrell 1384 N. Hwy 83 (303)387-5300
Frontier Valley Elementary School Kiersten Hall 23919 East Canterberry Trail (303)387-8475
Global Village Academy Stacy Bush 18451 Ponderosa Drive 720-476-8044
Gold Rush Elementary School Jenny Brown 12021 S Swift Fox Way (303)387-7700
Heritage Elementary School Alisa Pauley 3350 Summit View Parkway (303)387-6725
HOPE at Action Learning Center 445 S. Lansing Street 303-856-3738
HOPE at Alpha Elementary Learning Academy 1025 West 6th St. 719-545-2126
HOPE at Awaken Academy 9051 Harlan Street 303-669-0653
HOPE at Brighton Elementary Leadership Academy 510 South 27th Avenue 303-434-9294
HOPE at Choice Academy 1902 Saint Clair Avenue 719-542-9533
HOPE at Glenn R. Jones Academy and Thunder Academy 17 Gilbert Street 720-428-9717
HOPE at I AM Academy 875 S. Sheridan Boulevard 303-937-3533
HOPE at Lighthouse Academy 18821 East 22nd Place 720-216-1316
HOPE at Mountain View Academy 4165 Eaton Street 303-988-5502
HOPE at New Heights Academy 2300 W. 90th Avenue 303-650-7299
HOPE at New Hope Academy 1918 AA Street 970-353-2192
HOPE at Parkhill Academy 3200 Dahlia Street 303-993-2502
HOPE at Power Elementary and Middle Academy 1564 Elmira St. 303-363-9828
HOPE at The Children's Academy 14551 E. Tennessee Drive 303-337-6650
HOPE at The Greg A. Thaler Learning Center 10 Chapel Hill Drive 720-685-3434
Iron Horse Elementary School Kirsten Bloomfield 20151 Tallman Drive (303)387-8525
Larkspur Elementary School Jen Oldham 1103 West Perry Park Avenue (303)387-5375
Legacy Point Elementary School Patti Magby 12736 South Red Rosa Circle (303)387-8725
Leman Academy of Excellence Jason Edwards 19560 Stroh Rd. 1-877-235-3626
Lone Tree Elementary School Mindy Persichina 9375 Heritage Hills Circle (303)387-7450
Mammoth Heights Elementary School Nick Holtvluwer 9500 Stonegate Parkway (303)387-8925
Meadow View Elementary School Lacey Dahl 3700 Butterfield Crossing (303)387-5425
Mountain View Elementary School Mildred Grotts 8502 North Pinery Parkway (303)387-8675
North Star Academy Kendra Hossfeld 16700 Keystone Blvd (720)851-7827
Northeast Elementary School Kara Tidemann 6598 North State Highway 83 (303)387-8600
Northridge Elementary School Katie Lynch 555 South Park Road (303)387-6525
Parker Core Knowledge Teri Aplin 11661 Pine Drive (303)840-7070
Parker Performing Arts School Jennifer Burgess 15035 Compark Blvd 720-709-7400
Pine Grove Elementary School Kelly Coonts 10450 Stonegate Parkway (303)387-8075
Pine Lane Elementary School Jason Starkey 6485 E Ponderosa Drive (303)387-8275
Pioneer Elementary School Kelli Bainbridge 10881 Riva Ridge Street (303)387-8400
Platte River Academy Mike Munier 4085 Lark Sparrow St. (303)221-1070
Prairie Crossing Elementary School Carrie Rotherham 11605 South Bradbury Ranch Drive (303)387-8200
Redstone Elementary School Amy Moyle 9970 Glenstone Circle (303)387-7300
Renaissance Elementary Magnet School Deborah Lemmer 3960 Trailboss Lane (303)387-8000
Rock Ridge Elementary School Peter Mosby 400 North Heritage Road (303)387-5150
Roxborough Primary Rick Kendall 8000 Village Circle West (303)387-6000
Roxborough Primary and Intermediate School Meghan Ofer 7370 Village Circle East (303)387-7600
Saddle Ranch Elementary School Jennifer Malouff 805 West English Sparrow Trail (303)387-6400
Sage Canyon Elementary School Mandy Hill 2420 Autumn Sage Street (720)433-0110
Sand Creek Elementary School Philip Ranford 8898 South Maplewood Drive (303)387-6600
Sedalia Elementary School Jeff Johnson 5449 North Huxtable Street (303)387-5500
SkyView Academy TBD 6161 Business Center Drive (303)471-8439
Soaring Hawk Elementary School Chris Neville 4665 Tanglevine Drive (303)387-5825
South Ridge Elementary School Erin Carlson 1100 South Street (303)387-5075
STEM School Highlands Ranch Penny Eucker 8773 Ridgeline Blvd. (303)683-7836
Stone Mountain Elementary School Michelle Franci 10625 Weathersfield Way (303)387-7525
Summit View Elementary School George Boser 10200 South Piedmont Drive (303)387-6800
Timber Trail Elementary School Michele Radke 690 West Castle Pines Parkway (303)387-5700
Trailblazer Elementary School Deanne Kirby 9760 South Hackberry (303)387-6250
Wildcat Mountain Elementary School Molly Milley 6585 Lionshead Parkway (303)387-6925
World Compass Academy Lance Howard 2490 S. Perry Street (303)814-5200