Dear families and parents,


Our fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital in Aurora was a huge success!  We raised almost $1500 and made 42 fleece tie blankets. The drive of your students and their ahppiness to give to other in need around them was wonderful to see.  What a great moment for them it was.

Thanks to all the parents that helped cut fleece, monitor and sell at our candy cane table, and donate items.  Without your help we not have been nearly so successful!  Because of your amazing help, I am excited about next year already! 

Again, thank you for you help,

-Mr. Harper





Ms. D'Arthenay needs third and fourth grade students to bring in pictures of their pets or favorite animals that they can cut out for our William Wegman project. The heads should be about the size of a quarter more or less and they need to have the number of heads that would match the number of characters in their scene they are drawing. For example, if they are doing Rapunzel and the prince, they need two heads to use. THANKS FOR THE HELP ON THIS!
They can be black and white or in color.  If you don't have pets, emphasize that they can use ANY animal they would like.

Help needed within the next 1-2 months:

• Field Trip,  Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Harper, Wulf on Nov. 13th):

2 parents can ride on the charter bus we will have for the field trip.  Any more beyond that will have to drive themselves (some prefer that, understandably).  Let me know quickly if you know you want to go—these spots fill right away!  Times: 8:30a - 3p .  Bring a lunch...

• Candy Cane sales table monitoring:  Dec 3-7 and Dec 10-14 (8:20-8:40am and 3:30-3:45pm) our class will be selling candy canes to provide funds for the materials in a charity project we will do.  Our class will be making fleece tie blankets to donate to Children's Hospital in Aurora in the cancer ward.  When at the table, an adult will need to ensure order is kept, correct change is given, and pass along information (sales dates, reason behind fundraiser).  You can sign up for a single slot or multiple as long as you're there! 

• Leveling our class library:  all books need to have stickers put on them with grade levels marked, the Accelerated Reader (AR) online system does a nice job of this and will be a great help to speed up the process.  Time total:  5 hours  (can broken up as much as you like)

New EPR info:

DCSD just informed us that they were altering our grading scale a bit.  Previously, a score of 3 would show end-of-the-year skills and lower numbers (0,1,2) showed students were progressing to that end score of a 3.  The shift in thinking now is that a 3 indicates that a student is performing at the level they should be at this exact moment.  We have had many papers with the old scoring system passed back so far.  Because I used a 1.5 to indicate they were on track, you can double their scores from before and achieve the exact same scoring that The District is asking us to use.

If you have questions regarding this, let me know.  I'd be happy to clarify!

*** SOCK HOP ***

The Sock Hop is coming up quickly!  Come join us for dancing, food, the auctions and raffles, and hanging out with friendfs and family. 

Please be sure to have a parent at the Sock Hop with your child as we do not provide chaperones or close monitoring of each individual child at all times.  The ticketing desk will be asking that each child has an adult with them as last year got out of control with kids' behavior in the gym.  We just want everyone to be safe and have a good time! 

If you'd like, pre-order food and drinks ahead of time through the office.