Springtime in elementary school is SO exciting!  This is the time when students really shine, demonstrating all of their learning throughout the year.  Please help us by keep your children excited about school by asking them about what they are learning.  Happy Spring!


Welcome Back!

Dear Families,

  The students have come back to school ready to learn.  That’s a good thing because all the students I work with (kindergarten through 6th grade) are taking a language assessment with me!  The test is called ACCESS and has replaced CELA (which we always took in January).  So far, I couldn’t be more proud of each student and their perseverance as they show their best learning!  Please note, there are no regular groups while I give this assessment to students at Soaring Hawk and Meadow View.  We have a short window of time to complete testing on every student, so groups will resume when testing is done.

I hope you all had a relaxing break and are ready for a fantastic 2013!


Welcome Back!

As summer comes to end, the excitement level at Soaring Hawk increases.  The teachers have been working hard to prepare for another wonderful year of learning.  Here is some information about changes for this year:

*Soaring Hawk has a new principal (Kyle Sorg) and a new assistant principal (Amy Rahne).  We are ecstatic to have such fantastic professionals leading our school!

*The state of Colorado adopted new standards.  You can find these standards at www.wida.us.  These standards will guide the learning for your children!

*To accompany the new standards, there is a new assessment called ACCESS.  Students will no longer take the CELA test; they will take the ACCESS instead in January.

*The ELLP has changed format as well (to match the new standards)

These are great new changes that will surely benefit our students.  I will share all of this information with you at conferences.  Have a wonderful start to the year and WELCOME BACK!!!

Sincerely, Mrs. Tracy