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Welcome to the Literacy Webpage for Soaring Hawk Elementary!

Literacy at Soaring Hawk is an early intervention Reading Recovery model which targets first grade students. Children with the greatest need are chosen after assessment by the Literacy Specialists. The assessment consists of 6 sub tests and children are selected according to national stanines. The program is a one-on-one intervention that lasts 12 to 20 weeks. During this time, children also receive classroom instruction in reading and writing, as well as being tutored in their one-on-one session by the Literacy Specialists. After 3 months, many children are able to develop a self-extending system of reading habits that helps sustain their independence and are then discontinued from the program.

SchoolCenter PictureBelow is a web address which contains articles about literacy and research that you may find interesting. It is called Reading Rockets.org. On the left side of the web page is a section titled "Families", which contains all sorts of literacy informations and links to various sites. You can even sign up for a monthly newsletter if you wish. http://www.readingrockets.org/

Literacy Specialists-Reading Recovery:

Margie Emerson-Smith


Christine Jojola


RR office number 303-387-5839