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This is the link for students and teachers to login to: Typing Pal

(This is linked to all grade level Favorite Links pages, 1st - 6th.)

I have found that most teachers want their students to be able to login and use the program, but do not want to track student progress. So, there are two ways to approach groups.

  1. Teachers have an account in their name and students look for this. New teachers after '10/'11 would need to have accounts set up.
  2. There is a teacher named Dr. Lone Tree who accepts any students!! :)

Teachers are responsible for giving new LTE students this acccess code: 720490

Either complete the registration with your new student(s), or tell them to set up their accounts using:

  • User name: DCSD user name
  • Password: lunch number

Entire classes may need to be entered depending on if the previous grade level used Typing Pal. Great use of a parent volunteer!