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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year in 6th grade. We are very excited to meet our new class and start preparing them for middle school. With so many changes for the district and our school, this promises to be an extra-special, fun, productive time for all of us.

Please check here regularly for 6th grade information. We tend to use it more than our individual teacher pages because so much of what the three of us do and what your kids need to know can be more efficiently shared on the team page.

The first few days will be spent getting to know your children and helping them transition comfortably to a new learning environment. We will do common assessments in reading, writing, and math before dividing our classes into their rotational groups. These groups, Red, White, and Blue, will be for math, science, and social studies, and for the most part, should remain stable throughout the school year. We have been pleased with our departmentalizing process. Having the students change classes appears to be to their advantage socially and academically as they have the opportunity to physically move around more, and to be with different kids and different teachers during the course of the day. The added responsibilities inherent for success in this practice have proven to us to better prepare our students for middle school and beyond.

We will be posting more information here, as well as sending letters home in Thursday Folders in the next few days. Please take some time to read this information as it should help answer questions and alleviate concerns for both you and your children. Always feel free to contact us with any questions we leave unanswered.

It is our privilege and pleasure to be part of your child's educational family. We are dedicated to ensuring that each student is prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future.


Audrey McDowell, Mary Myers, and Trish Nash