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Parents and Students

All OdysseyWare communication can be found using the Infinite Campus Inbox.  Log into Infinite Campus and scroll down past the advertisements on the home page to locate the Inbox.

*****If you are not receiving email notifications, log in to Infinite Campus and update your email address***** 

Most Recent Communication: 

Congratulations.  Your son or daughter (or you), is now registered and ready to start their online class using OdysseyWare.  To access the class, please go to dcsdre1.owotw.com or a link through my web page on the ThunderRidge website.  The user name is; Lastnamefimi ex falkjj.  The password defaults to 123 but can be changed.  Parents, you are responsible for checking student progress, grade, and making sure your son or daughter is working regularly. I will record the overall grade and general progress from the OdysseyWare program in Infinite Campus which can be accessed using the parent portal.  Please feel free to contact me, Jeffrey.falk@dcsdk12.org or 303-387-2144 with any questions you may have.  I look forward to working with you this semester. 


HOURS: Daily 7:30am - 3:00pm





Important dates

February 4th, complete unit 1
February 25th, complete unit 2
April 1st, complete unit 3
April 22nd, complete unit 4
May 13th, complete unit 5
May 21st, complete semester test - Underclassmen

March 8th, Last day to register for online

Seniors -May 16th, Complete semester test

If the deadlines are not met a grade of "0" will appear in infinite campus until the unit is completed.

Past Communication: