Jeanne Ulery

Schedule : 

1st Period
Geometry HonorsRoom 401L
2nd Period
AP Calculus ABRoom 401L
4th Period
AP Calculus ABRoom 401L
5th Period
GeometryRoom 401L
7th Period

Room 401L

8th Period Geometry Room 401L


Office: Room 402L or 420L

Voice Mail: 303-387-3553 Ext 63535


The depth of learning in Mathematics is proportional to the time and effort you put in.  To be fully involved in the thinking required, a “no electronics” policy and “no food or drinks” policy will be strictly enforced.  Cell phones, mp-3 players, etc. should always be turned off and put away.  Any electronics used during class time will be confiscated and turned into the office.

If you want extra help, please see me before school.  I get to school by 6:50 am every morning.  If mornings do not work, my off periods are 5th and 6th period.  Also, please take advantage of the Vogel Academic Support Center located in 503L.