WELCOME TO THE SIGNIFICANT SUPPORT NEEDS HOMEPAGE! We are a team of para-educators, teacher, psychologist, speech therapist, and occupational therapist who work together to meet the educational needs of students who are considered to have "significant" needs. We work collaboratively with the other members of the Learning Support Team to meet the needs of all students at Soaring Hawk, maintaining a specific focus on students whose needs are at a more significant level. As in the Learning Support program, each student in our program has an Individualized Educational Plan, developed to meet their unique needs in the least restrictive environment. Students in the SSN program spend the vast majority of their day in the regular classroom environment, where they benefit from the social and academic stimulation among their peers, and the collaborative teaching between the regular education and special education staff. (above image accessed on Internet from: http://www.dmimaging.co.uk/gallery/slideshows/still_life/pages/Blue%20Hands.htm on February 17, 2006.)

OUR MISSION The SSN Team functions as an integrated part of the Learning Support Team to support each student in reaching their individual potential by creating and maintaining a positive learning environment. (1) Through use of current research data and best practices, the Learning Support Team identifies individual strengths and weaknesses. This allows for refinement of instruction in order to design an educational program sufficient to help each child achieve their potential through experiences allowing for success. (2) The Learning Support Team's collaboration within the team, with families, and with staff provides consistency and direction by supporting the student to be successful in the regular classroom. (3) We advocate for student by developing positive relationships with families, staff, and community to provide links between student learning and the larger society.