Welcome to Camp Learned A Lot !

Your camp counselor will be Mrs. Stevens.  Please direct any questions to your camp counselor:)!
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To end our year, and review all that we have done, we have planned a unit titled, "Camp Learned A Lot."  Through planned learning activities, your son/daughter will have the chance to apply many of the skills they have learned throughout the year. 

I will be sending home a postcard that you can use to write a letter to your son/daughter to receive while they are at "camp."  You can choose to mail it to the school or drop it by the office, asking them to put it in my mailbox.  We will then deliver it at our daily mail call.  Be sure to watch for a returned postcard coming to you, as we will be writing letters home as well. 

Below you will find some supplies that your first grade camper will need and dates to mark on your calendar.

 Thursday, May 26th - Critter night

Friday, May 27th- End of Year Party- Kistler Park

  Tuesday, May 31st-  Bubble Day - One small bottle of bubbles needed for bubble day.SchoolCenter Picture  

Wednesday, June 1st -Hat Signing Day and Ice Cream Day- We will be signing each other's camp visors which will be provided by teachers.  Ice Cream Day-  we will be doing fun activities focused around ice cream. No supplies needed.SchoolCenter Picture


Thursday,  June 2nd- Smores and Bug Day- will include integrated activities with smores.  We will get to enjoy some yummy smores as well.  Teachers will supply smores.  Bug Day- No supplies needed.  Bug boxes provided by teachers.  We will watching A Bug's Life.

Friday, June 3rd- Read-a-Thon/Bubble Gum Day-  Students will be reading and watching March of The Penguins. Optional Supplies needed include P.J.'s (to be worn to school), sleeping bag, and favorite books.  Parents are welcome to come by and read their favorite story to the class.  Just let us know the time of day you would like to come by to read them a story.  **If your child wants to participate in a day full of gum chewing, they will need to bring in their favorite pack of gum. *If they don't want to eat dinner it is because their jaw is too tired from the gum-   HA:)!!SchoolCenter Picture

Please send in $3 to help cover some of our many fun activities planned.  Thank you for your help.