Logging in and Learning at Lone Tree Elementary
Username: Student's last name, first initial and middle initial (e.g. Alex Lucas Jones' username would be jonesal). User name followed by @s.dcsdk12.org is the student email address and gmail user account that can be used for sharing documents with students even without access to email.
Password: Dcsd+their ID#


Search Engines for Kids
Yahooligans - This is probably the best search engine for elementary students.
Google for Kids and Teens - This site may find higher level information for older students.
Searching on the internet activity - Click here for a quick activity with tips on using the internet as a resource.
  Educational Videos, Articles, Images, and Clipart for Students
Student Log In for Discovery Streaming   - Ask your teacher for the user name and password.
Pics4Learning - Copyright-friendly images for education
Enchanted Learning - Ask your teacher for the password!
Animated Science, Health, Technology, Math, Social Studies and English movies, comic strips, and activity pages. This resource only works during school hours. Ask your teacher for the user name and password.

 Login to BrainPop

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  Login to BrainPopJr

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  Login to BrainPopEspanol

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DCSD Online Library Databases

World Book Online Reference Center   - The online edition of the famous encyclopedia.  Featuring an atlas, current events, multimedia and many other student and parent oriented resources. Ask your teacher for the user name and password.
eLibrary Elementary    - This young learner-tested design makes research a blast! Stocked with age-appropriate articles, videos, sounds, pictures, and much more.  Ask your teacher for the user name and password.
Electric Library -
Look up a word or topic and retrieve results from an ever-growing collection of reference sources, including pictures, newspapers, magazines, books, dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, tv/radio transcripts and almanacs.  Results can be sorted by graphics, reading levels, date and reference type. Ask your teacher for the user name and password.

Teaching Books - TeachingBooks.net is an online collection of K-12 multimedia author and book resources. If you want to use this at home, ask your teacher for the password.

Country Reports -   Cultural, historical, and statistical information about Countries of the World.

Citing Sources

Citing Sources and Creating Bibliographies - Always cite your sources! These citation rules are taken from: Kemper, Dave , Ruth Nathan, and Patrick Sebranek. Writers Express. Burlington, WI:Write Source Educational Publishing House, 1994. 

easybib - Create MS Word-ready MLA-style bibliographies 

Citation Machine - Click MLA citation format on left and find the type of resource you wish to cite.

Word Central Student Dictionary - Develop vocabulary and spelling skills
Thesaurus.com - Work on word choice and development
Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus - Good writing reference
Grammar Gorillas - Great Funbrain game to work on editing and writing skills
Power Proofreading - Another game to work on proofreading for grammar and conventions.
Wordle.net - Make word clouds - Check it out! 
Booklists for Youth - American Library Association lists including
Scholastic for Kids - Many activities with books to reinforce reading
Funbrain Reading - Reading activities and mad libs!



EnVision Math Login

NCTM Illuminations Web Resources - Select current grade and play the games listed.
AAA Math - Select grade level and concept to be reinforced.
Harcourt Math Vocabulary - Great visual site for vocabulary sorted by grade level.
A Maths Dictionary for Kids - Another awesome site for math vocabulary.

E-Labs Click on a grade level, choose a concept, print out the record page and complete!
KidsNumbers.com - practice math!
Funbrain Math Arcade - Games making math fun!
Action Math - These interactive word problems are awesome! If a student gets an answer incorrect, they are able to watch a video to learn the answer!
Math Mayhem - Great resource for reinforcing math facts.

In General
Journey North for Kids - A sampling of stories, pictures and video clips from nature just for kids!
National Wildlife Federation/Activities with Ranger Rick - Wildlife and environment
Animal Planet - Activites from Discovery Network's show
Astronomy Picture of the Day - Awesome sights of our universe
Earth and Sky - Great daily information about the sky and earth in general
Kid's Earth and Sky - Specific activities for kids
Starchild, A Learning Center for Young Astronomers - Created by NASA about space
Nine Planets - Good or planet research and information
StarDate - Moon phase and night sky
KidsAstronomy - Current observation information and games to play
Windows to the Universe - Games to play and scientific information

Geography and History and Current Events
Scholastic News for Kids - America's Leading News Source for Kids
National Geographic for Kids - All about geography and places around the world!
History for Kids - Europe, Asia and Africa beore 1500 AD
U. S. History for Kids - PBS station history for kids

Brain Boosters - Challenge your mind in many areas
Funbrain - Activities in several content areas
Education 4 Kids - Drill games for all content areas
Typing Pal - Students use their student logon and ID#
Keyboarding Practice - This can only help!
Keyboarding - Many activities to practice this important skill
Keyboarding Resource - Many activities used by a middle school

The First Thanksgiving - They spent two months at sea to reach a strange new world, and barely survived once they got here.  Learn how the Pilgrims reached America and lived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving.
Celebrate Winter Holidays - Includes Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa


Personal Finance Literacy

  • Biz Kids - Check out this site to play games, make a budget and learn about how to spend money wisely.
  • Kids Bank - a fun place for kids to learn about banking and money. 
  • Money Flashcards -  Practice figuring total amounts of money shown in bills and coins.
  • Making Sense of Money - Comprehensive, student-generated site covering money history and trivia, banks, vocabulary, and a scavenger hunt/quiz.
  • Birth of a Coin - Check out the United States Mint cite to find out about the history of money, play games, and learn about money in other countries.