"The time is always right to do what is right."
-Martin Luther King Jr.
The 7 Character Traits of Highly Effective Students
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Trailblazer Elementary students receive direct instruction in each of the Core Virtues which are taken from Ernest L. Boyer's THE BASIC SCHOOL. Evidence of application of these virtues is noted on each student's report card. Student and staff develop their understanding of these virtues through structured lessons and frequent interaction with each other. These 7 virtues are emphasized to guide Trailblazer Elementary as it promotes excellence in living as well as learning. Most importantly, we want students to think about and to model these virtues daily.

How are Trailblazer students "Giving Back" as a part of our character trait education program?  Read about our connection and work with the Make a Wish Foundation.
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Each person has a sense of duty to fulfill willingly the tasks he or she has been assigned. All work is conscientiously performed. Members of the community feel comfortable asking for help and agree that they must be held accountable for their behavior. (This character trait is focused on in kindergarten)
Self-DisciplineEach person agrees to live within limits, not only the ones mutually agreed upon, but above all, those established personally, Self-discipline is exercised in relationships with others, especially in the ways people speak to one another. Self-discipline also applies to the use of time. At the simplest level, self-control reflects habits of good living. (This character trait is focused on in 1st grade)

Each person responds sensitively to the ideas and needs of others without dismissing or degrading them. Differences among people are celebrated, and all members of the community are able to accept both praise and constructive suggestions from others. While affirming individual freedom, the rights of the group are also fully honored. (This character trait is focused on in 2nd grade)

Each person is diligent, with the inner strength and determination to pursue well-defined goals. It does matter that a task be completed once begun and to persevere not only teaches discipline, but brings rewards as well. Each person pushes hard to complete assignments, and all members of the community willingly support others in their work. (This character trait is focused on in 3rd grade)

Each person carries out his or her own responsibilities carefully and with integrity, never claiming credit for someone else's work. All are able to acknowledge wrongdoing. Students and staff share their ideas openly, in a climate of trust, with confidence that what is written and spoken is honestly expressed and that all people are trustworthy. (This character trait is focused on in 4th grade)

Each person is considerate and caring. There is a recognition that everyone, from time to time, feels hurt, confused, angry, or sad. Instead of ignoring such conditions, people reach out to one another. In the case of conflict, members of the community seek reconciliation and try to understand each other, even forgive. (This character trait is focused on in 5th grade)
Generosity Each person discovers that one of life's greatest satisfactions comes from giving to others, and recognizes that talents should be shared, through service. Rather than waiting to be asked, members of the community look for opportunities to respond positively to the needs of others, without expectation of reward. (This character trait is focused on in 6th grade)

We concentrate on specific character traits during the following months:
August & September
October Respect
November & DecemberGenerosity
"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort." -Jesse Owens

"What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do."  -Aristotle