Canada Project
Use the following sites to help you gather information on your project:

Internet Sites
SchoolCenter Picture National Climate Data

This site provides historical climate data. 

 SchoolCenter Picture Atlas of Canada
The Atlas of Canada Web site will provide the most interesting, dynamic and comprehensive collection of maps and related information about Canada available anywhere on the Internet, with effective and intuitive tools for users to access them.
 SchoolCenter Picture Knight's Canadian Website
This site is full of information about Canada.
 SchoolCenter Picture  Canadian Encylopedia
The Canadian Encyclopedia and its related resources present the most comprehensive and authoritative general Canadian reference work available for students and teachers simply looking for verification of facts, or seeking broader descriptions, interpretations and ideas of all things Canadian. Millions of facts can be searched through the powerful search engine or browsed through the Subject Indexes. The many quizzes, games, links to other resources or the vast storehouse of multimedia are all appropriate for use in the classroom. Owing to its support by Heritage Canada and by the Historica Foundation, The Canadian Encyclopedia will continue to be made available free of charge.
 Museum of Canada's CivilizationsUse this site to find information on Canada's past, culture, and present.
 How to Make a Climate ChartRead the SlideShare presentation to learn how to make a Climate Chart.
 SchoolCenter Picture Culture GramsUse this database to explore all kinds of information about Canada.  To use this site at home you will need to have a library card. Use it at school without a library card.
SchoolCenter Picture 

World Book Online

Use World Book online to find out information on Canada.
Library Media Center
 SchoolCenter Picture Destiny

Search for biographies or non-fiction books.  Use Web Path Express to see what you can find out about your person.