Why is the Bald Eagle one of America's National Symbols?

The Bald eagle was adopted as the national emblem in 1782 and serves as a symbol of wilderness and freedom. Benjamin Franklin said that the Bald Eagle was a bird of bad moral character (stealing food) and recommended the turkey instead.

  • What would it have been like to have a turkey as our national symbol?
  • Do you think the bald Eagle is a good national symbol for the United States?

SchoolCenter Picture

Will the baby eagle resemble its parents?

Watch as a live camera observes this nesting bald eagle.

Decorah Bald Eagles on You Tube

The first eggs hatched around March 25! Go through and check out the bald eagle nesting, the eggs hatching, and the mother taking care of the baby eagles. 

Create a Nature Journal. Draw and write about your observations.

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