Zero the HERO


Zero the Hero is an important part of our daily routines.  His purpose is to introduce the children to the concept of place value in a fun, exciting way.  He comes every time we have a zero in the number of days we've been in school.  Each day during calendar time we add a block to our daily count of how many days we've been in school.  Zero the Hero helps us learn about the importance of zeros in numbers.


On days he visits, we exchange our set of 10 blocks for a ten block. We sing a song, count to one hundred, and practice counting by 5s and 10s on those days, as well. 


Our Zero Song:


Zero the Hero came to school,

Zero the Hero he’s so cool,

Zero the Hero takes the space,

So all the other numbers know their place,

 YAY!! (jazz hands)


Parents, we always need "zero" snacks for crafts and activities on days that end in zero. Any edible item that is shaped like a zero works (Cheerios, Fruit loops, dried apple rings, etc. )!  Feel free to send items in throughout the year.