Celebrating the National Day on Writing!

1st and 2nd Grade - Stories in Storybird


1. Creativity and Innovation:
In small groups, studentswill create a “Storybird” story that has a clear "theme".

2. Communication andCollaboration:
As a group, the studentswill create a “Storybird” presentationto share their new knowledge with the global web community.

3. Digital Citizenship:
Students will implementethical behavior and demonstrate actions of a good digital citizen whencreating their stories in “Storybird”.Students will not use last names and will use appropriate language in theirstories.
Students will explain whywe are using other artists’ art work in “Storybird”and why we have permission to do so.

4. Critical Thinking
In small groups facilitatedby the teacher, students will organize and write a story in “Storybird” that demonstrate empathy andother outcomes of understanding.

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    3rd-6th Graders - Blogging!

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    3rd: Professor Garfield

    4th: Battling Bullies Article, Movie

    5th & 6th: PSA1, PSA2, Battling Bullies Article

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