Instructor:  Jenny Lerfald

Course Length: 2 semesters            

Credits: 1.0 credit (.5 credit each semester)

Contact information:        

School Phone:  (303) 387-3500


Marketing I is an introductory course designed for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are interested in exploring how products are developed, produced, promoted, and distributed.  Topics covered include basic marketing and economic concepts, the free enterprise system, legal and ethical issues concerning marketers, selling, advertising and promotion.  In addition, communication, interpersonal, leadership and technology skills will be developed, as well as employability and career development strategies. 

The following subjects, topics, and material will be addressed over the year:

  • Marketing fundamentals, terms and terminology
  • Selling
  • Promotion
  • Economics
  • Business Concepts and Legal/Ethical Issues
  • Academic Concepts and Skills for Marketing
  • Employability and Career Development


· Notebook/ notebook section or binder/binder section specifically dedicated to the class.  You’ll need a place to take and keep notes, as well as a place for handouts.

· Blue or black pens (You will need pencils too)

· A basic mathematical calculator that can add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  You do not need a graphic calculator.

· A flash drive or portable storage device is strongly recommended.


The course is an interactive curriculum.  A variety of assessments will be conducted through the year.  Chapter and unit tests, projects and classroom activities, portfolios, and written reports/essays will all be used to assess your knowledge and understanding of the curriculum.

The grading scale for this course is as follows:

100% - 90%   A

 89% - 80%   B

 79% - 70%   C 

 69% - 60%   D

Below 60%   F


Work missed due to an excused absence will be accepted and graded according to the school policy. Always see me at the beginning of class about missed work/make up work (not during or after).

MISSED TESTS: If you miss a test and your absence is excused, it is your responsibility to reschedule a time to take the test on the first day you return to school either*:

1. Before school

2. After school

3. During an off period

4. Lunch

5. During class

* Pending teacher’s availability

For unexcused absences: Assignments due on the day of your absence will receive a zero. Tests missed on the day of your absence cannot be made up and will receive a zero. It is your responsibility to catch up with reading and assignments.

LATE WORK: Students are expected to turn all work in on time. Students can turn in 2 assignments late, free of penalty, per semester. The late pass can be used on most assignments; major projects and group projects cannot be turned in late. Students will receive full credit for a late assignment that is turned in with a late pass UP TO two weeks late. No credit will be given for an assignment turned in more than 2 weeks late. Unused late passes may be redeemed at the end of the semester for extra credit.  

One of the objectives of this course is to introduce students to the expectations that are placed on employees in the workplace. One of those expectations is that assignments are turned in, or before, established deadlines.


“Deal with yourself as an individual worthy of respect and make everyone else deal with you the same way.” Nikki Giovanni

RESPECT- Respect for yourself, for other people, property, and for learning is critically important in my classroom. Follow this rule and you will succeed.

ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION- This class is not a “spectator sport” – you must be actively involved in each class. Much of the work done is in-class work that cannot be replicated at home, which makes attendance and punctuality extremely important. The school attendance and tardy policies will be strictly upheld in order to maintain a productive learning environment for all students. Students will receive a grade for class participation each grading period, and should come to class prepared and energized to actively learn every day. This means coming to class with paper, a pen or pencil, ideas, questions and a positive attitude. I view poor attendance (whether it’s excused or not) as reflective of the respect you have for yourself, your classmates and the class.

COMMUNICATION- Open communication is crucial in the business world and just as important in the classroom setting. I value your feedback on assignments, lessons, readings and instruction. Please see me immediately if you have any problems which interfere with your learning. Modifications and extensions on assignments can be granted in exceptional situations, but only when honest communication takes place.

DECA (An Association of Marketing Students)

DECA is an international association of high school marketing students. DECA is co-curricular, which means that it is an integral component of the marketing curriculum. Active participation is strongly encouraged.  Membership in DECA is mandatory for all Marketing I students.  Local, state, and national dues are $30.00 for the school year, and should have been paid at registration. Make checks payable to “Chaparral DECA.” 

This organization is well known at Chaparral High School for initiating and implementing a variety of activities around the campus, including Sweet Street, DECA the Halls, and Battle of the Bands. This year the officer team has organized a variety of social activities that ALL MEMBERS can participate in. I strongly encourage every Marketing student to take advantage of being an active member of DECA and support this program with your participation in these activities.  This is a great opportunity for you to apply the curriculum in a meaningful manner that will help you and your community. Participation in DECA activities will be a part of your Marketing grade. Details of the DECA Program are printed in the Chaparral High School DECA Handbook which will be distributed to all Marketing/DECA Students.