Know means write the significance for each of the terms.  Each numbered question needs to be answered completely making sure you understand the historical significance.

Know:   Thirteen Original Colonies
1.   What was the significance of the tremendous growth of population in Britain's North American colonies?

Know:   Pennsylvania Dutch, Scots-Irish, Paxton Boys, Regulator Movement
2.   What was the significance of large numbers of immigrants from places other than England?

Know:   Social Mobility
3.   Assess the degree of social mobility in the colonies.

Know:   The Session
4.   How had the history of the Scots-Irish affected their characteristics?

Know:   Smallpox, Diphtheria
5.   Why has the relative prestige of the professions changed from colonial times to today?

Know:   Triangular Trade, Naval Stores, Molasses Act
6.   Describe some of the more important occupations in the colonies.

Know:   Taverns
7.   What was it like to travel in early America?

Know:   Established Church, Anglicans, Congregationalists, Presbyterians
8.   How did the denominations in America affect relations with Great Britain?

Know:   Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, Old Lights, New Lights, Baptists
 9.   How was the religion encompassed in the Great Awakening different from traditional religion?  What was important about the difference?

Know:   Latin and Greek
10.   What kind of education could a young person expect in colonial times?

Know:   John Trumbull, Charles Wilson Peale, Benjamin West, John Singleton Copley, Benjamin Franklin
11.   Did Americans distinguish themselves in the arts during the colonial period?  Explain.

Know:   John Peter Zenger
12.   Why was the jury verdict in the Zenger case important?

Know:   Royal Colonies, Proprietary Colonies, Self-governing Colonies, Colonial Assemblies, Power of the Purse, Town Meetings, Property Qualifications 
13.   How democratic was colonial America?

14.   What were the advantages and disadvantages of living in America during the colonial period?

Know:   Nash's Urban Crucible Theory
15.   Were the colonies marked more by internal consensus or internal conflict?  Explain.