Animals Depend on Habitats

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They depend on their habitat's nonliving parts as well as living to satisfy their needs.

Inquiry Questions:

  • How do living things depend on their environment?
  • Why can living things survive in their habitat?

    1. PLAN: 

    Learn about different habitats by watching the BrainPop videos below. After watching each video, make a list of both the:

    • living organisms which make up the habitat
    • non-living features of the habitat

    Visit the National Geographic Creature Features website and check out all the animals. You can look at animals within a habitat to see a group of animals that live in the same habitat. What might these animals have in common?

    After looking around, choose one Colorado Critter to learn about.

    Final product:

    • Write a poem telling why the animal would not want to live in another habitat.
    • Draw a picture of your animal in this unfamiliar environment.
    • We will combine the picture and your poem in a podcast!

    Use this template to plan your poem.

      2. DO: 

      Internet Sites
      SchoolCenter PictureBrain Pop Jr. - Habitats

      Watch all of the videos about the different habitats.

      SchoolCenter Picture Enchanted Learning - BiomesClick on the habitat and it will show you many animals!
      SchoolCenter Picture Enchanted Learning - AnimalsClick on the link to your animal for good information.

        3. REVIEW: 

        • Is my job done? (Go back and read PLAN to make sure!)
        • Did I do what I was supposed to do?
        • Should I do something before I turn it in?