Warm-Up Routine

A good warm-up routine is critical to do before races. The word routine is the most important word, because what you do to warm-up needs to be done before (and after) every race.

A quality warm-up routine will not only get your muscles ready to work hard, but also calm your mind and reduce pre-race anxiety. Having faith in your routine is like a security blanket; no matter what else is going on, you can fall back on your routine and know that you are doing what you need to do to race well.

A good warm-up routine is physically stimulating, but mentally relaxing. The seniors have devised this one for us this year, I think it is great. I strongly encourage all of you to learn this routine, even practice it today if you have not gone out running yet. Warm-ups are not rushed, they are slow and methodical, allowing you time to get properly prepared for your race.

CHS Warm-Up Routine
By: K. Dutton & P. Abbey

The Night Before Your Race:
Eat well. If you have a normal pre-race dinner, eat that; the night before races is not the time to be trying new things in your stomach.
Hydrate. Drink more than you think you should. We go with 3 Nalgenes.
Get to bed. Try to get a solid night's sleep so you can feel rested and ready to race. Try to go to bed early two nights before as well.
Tap. If you tap you have to do some tapping the day before your race, it won't work as well if you wait to tap out your anxieties at the last minute

Start warming up 45-50 minutes prior to your race

15-20 Minute Jog:
Try to get two miles in at a decent pace, around 8 minute miles. Start thinking about how well you are going to race.

Static Stretching:
Once you get back from your jog, sit and stretch for ten minutes. Pay particular attention to anything that is bothering you.
Basic stretches: hang, quads, calves, butterfly, hurdler's, hug-your-knee, hip flexors, and any stretches that work well for you personally.

**While you are stretching, visualize your race, and do some tapping. Relax, focus, and picture yourself running well. This sounds ridiculous but it will calm you down and give you a plan for how you'll run.**

Active Warm Up/Dynamic Stretching:
-These are the drills we do in practice. Go for about 40-50 meters on the turf.
-Stretch any muscles that are bothering you in between each exercise.
• Tilt Walk or Zombie Walk
• Cherry Pickers
• B-Skips-2 sets
• High Knees-2 sets
• Butt Kicks-2 sets
• Karaoke-both sides

**Make sure you are checked in for your race and have your stickers.**
**Change from trainers to race shoes, make sure you double-knotted the laces!!**

Do 4-5 accelerations. These should be about 80-90 meters long. Accelerate and make sure you achieve race pace for at least 15 meters of each one. After the last one, head on over to the line for pre-race instructions. Remember to stay warm at the line, do some jumps or strides or shake-outs if need be.

Relax and be confident and you can't help but race well.

1. Walk the infield until you are calmed down.
2. Change into your trainers, and ingest some complex carbohydrates such as GU, Gatorade or even crackers.
3. Jog easily for twenty minutes or so, to cool down.
4. Static stretch thoroughly all the muscles you stretched before the race
5. This is very important, and it needs to be all done before you celebrate with friends and family!!