September 2, 2014

Thank you very much for helping in our classroom! Please let me know what days/times you are available to help in our classroom.

Please let me know in advance if you can't be here. I plan you into our rotations and may need to change our plans if you can't attend so advance notice is helpful!

We are looking for volunteers to join us for library and possibly art. Please let me know if you would like to help during these times. 

MRS. PIERCE’S VOLUNTEER CALENDAR                                                        

Mrs. Pierce's Parent Volunteers *Every week volunteers unless otherwise noted.
Literacy 8:45-10:35     Jessica BrownLacey DeCandiaMegan LapidusJennifer HanamSusan Willis
Kim Sobczyk    
 HW- Folders Denise Benes  TH Folders- Carrie Willis 
Math 12-1:30      
  Carrie Willis   Debby Beals