Use the Learning Links below to help you with daily homework, special projects, or just for fun!

Remember or Cyber Smart Rules: Always ask your parents or teacher it it's okay to give out private information in cyberspace! And if you come across someone or something that makes you feel uncomfortable, immediately get an adult.


This is a custom Google Search that is kid safe. 

DCSD Resources Provided by Douglas County Libraries
(The link's on the right side of the page.)

Ask for KIDS!
(Jeeves for Kids)Ask Kids is a search engine designed exclusively for young people ages 6 to 12. It's a free, safe, fun way for kids and their parents to quickly and easily research school topics.

Destiny (Choose Clear Sky->Catalog->Webpath Express)
Offers monthlY-themed resources, along with a safe and easy search engine.

(password required for additional features)

Enchanted Learning
(password required for additional features)
Great resources for research in all subject areas, along with printable pages.

Fact Monster
Fact Monster is a kids' reference website brought to you by the editors at Information Please.

Worldbook Online
(ask your teacher for username and password at home)

Yahoo Kids
The ultimate web guide for kids! Features fun and educational resources for kids with games, animals, music, jokes, movies, news, and more.

A safe web search for students and librarians.

Quintura for Kids
A kid-friendly site that allows students to search by phrases or keywords.

On this site Kids can perform safe searches for articles, videos, tutorials and more. ZoeyBot is like Wikipedia and Google - Just for kids!

Bibliography (Citation) Maker
Use the Bibliography Maker to format your project references. You can create records for books, web sites, interviews, images, music and sound effects, videos and animation, and more. Records can be formatted in either APA or MLA format.

(While at school you have to use Safari to access this site.)
The free, automatic bibliography composer.

Simple MLA bibliography tool for our youngest scholars (grades 1-5, ESL) - You will need to create a free username. 

NoodleBib Express
Individual citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian format. (You will not need to create a username.)


100 (Legal) Sources for Free Stock Images
A comprehensive list of free images.

Classroom Clipart
A Source for Free Clipart, Clip Art Pictures and Illustrations.

Discovery School's Clipart Gallery
Choose from hundreds of original clip art pieces, including animations!

EduPic Graphical Resource for Educators
Free photographs and graphics for education.

The morguefile contains photographs freely contributed by many artists to be used in creative projects by visitors to the site. To acknowledge the artist's accomplishments, we ask that you credit the photographer when possible.



Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students.

Public Domain Pictures
Royalty free stock photos.

(There is a username/password needed for this site, so you will have to use the login information from class.)

Internet Safety Links
NetSmartzKids:  Games
This is a site we have used during our Wednesday Academy time.  There are some great games for students.
Here is a link to the main NetSmartz site.
This link will take you to the activities we use in the lab.

Online Tutoring (needs password)

Learn about various cultures and places around the world.


BuilD YouR WiLD SeLF
Create a human/wild animal morph to use as an avatar.

Computer Lab Favorites
Activities for all subject areas including:  math, social studies, science, language arts, and spanish.  (50 One-Stop Learning Activities, 15-30 minutes each.) 

Magazine Covers with Big Huge Labs
Make your own magazine cover! Be a superstar! Prove to your friends how famous you really are! All you need is a photo from that fancy digital camera of yours.



A+ Math
A great collection of math games including:  Matho, Hidden Picture, Concentration & Planet Blaster.

Cool Math

Math lessons and games.

Count Us In Games
Games designed to help children understand basic number concepts.

EDM Resources
This is not an official EDM site, but it does offer some good resources.

Interactive Math
A collection of interactive math sites for elementary students.

IXL Math
Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes math practice fun. With unlimited math questions in more than 1,000 topics, students improve their skills and confidence and always have new challenges to meet.

Kindergarten Math
A great resource for basic math skills and games.

Virtual Manipulatives
A library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials.

Math Fact Practice

AAA Math

Along with basic fact practice, AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. 

Math Magic
You can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts.



Cool Science for Curious Kids


How Stuff Works

National Geographic for Kids

Sand Lot Science

Astronomy and Solar Systems
3rd Grade Resources
(This is the page students used for their research.)


Astronomy for Kids

Kids Astronomy

Enchanted Learning

Health and Anatomy  
Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Kids Health

How the Body Works

Biomes of the World

List of Biomes

What's it like where you live?

Earth Day
Earth Day for Kids

Kids in Action

All About Earth Day

What is Global Warming? 

Planet Pals

Time for Kids

Earth Science
Identify Rocks Game

Animal Science


Animal Web Sites for Research

Kid's Planet

Yahooligans:  Animal Fact Sheets

National Geographic for Kids - Creature Features

Animals (Site used in lab.)

Enchanted Learning (Site used in lab.)

Time for Kids - Rapid Research

Zoobooks Animal Directory - Click on the "Animal Directory" to the left of the page.

Zoobooks Virutal Zoo

National Geographic Animals

Animal Reserach



Digital History

Interactive Timeline

Time for Kids

World Almanac for Kids

Worldbook Online
(ask your teacher for username and password at home)

Colorado History SchoolCenter Picture

Colorado State Symbols

Colorado Virtual Library

Famous Coloradoans
A great list of resources.

Stately Knowledge

Native Americans
Native American Chart

Native American Shelters

Native American Search by Tribe

Native Americans on Kids Konnect

Southwest Native Americans

Western Tribes

Famous Americans

US History
Digital History
Good digital US history resources, including an an interactive timeline.


A great place to find a great book for your kid to read.

Children't Digital Library

Literacy Center

Little Giraffe's

Reading Planet

Read, Write, Think

 SchoolCenter Picture

Read books online or have them read to you! (You will need a password for this site.)


Typing Pal
This is the typing program that the district has purchased for DC students. Use the link to the left.

Here are some additional resources...

Dance Mat Typing
Dance Mat Typing is an introduction to touch typing for children aged 7 - 11 years. 

Keyboarding Practice
Online Keyboarding Practice, a series of 17 drills to help you improve your keyboarding technique and speed.

Key Seeker
An interactive learning tool to help kindergarten aged children recognize the letters on the keyboard.

Power Typing
PowerTyping is an online free typing tutor.

Test Your Typing Speed
You are given phrases to type and can determine your typing speed. 

SchoolCenter Picture

Typing With Katie- Level K

Typing With Burton- Level 1

Typing With Booker- Level 2

Typing With Carmen- Level 3

Typing With Dwayne- Level 4

Typing With Yasmine- Level 5

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