For English I (10)
For AP Literature and Composition (5)
For English IV (6)
For Public Speaking (5)

Block schedule survey
Do this now. Thanks.
Mentor survey
Joseph, this one is for you.
Site Scavenger Hunt
Show me that you're ready for the class by exploring the website a little bit. This is a 50 point grade: get the questions right!
Vocabulary Skirmish
The list of vocabulary words we generate in class. You'll be responsible for these!
Your Google!
Gmail, calendar, other applications! Log in using your username and password.

Your Username: (for example,
Your Password: Dcsdstudentid (for example, Dcsd123456) The first D is capitalized in your password.
Turn It In
You'll turn in some of your assignments here, and conduct online discussions. Sign up for the class # as assigned: Writing Tutors - 5256331 / 1st hour - 5256313 / 3rd hour - 5256315 / 4th hour - 5256321 / 6th hour - 5256324 / 7th hour - 5256325. Password is Kissingford. Please link your account to your school GMAIL account, and check it frequently!
CHS Writing Center
Whatever kind of writing you're working on, you'll find this site helpful.
Grammar stuff
Need some help with grammar or usage? Here's a meta-site that will send you wherever you need to go.
Colorado Theatre Guild
Extra Credit is always available:
Go see a play (that is, literature embodied, in action), and write a review of it, for up to 10 points. See review guidelines, published in the "Generally Useful" section of your filing cabinet. Here are listings for all the professional theaters in Denver. Look under "Show Info and Reviews" for "Now Playing."
Denver Center Theater Company
The Denver Center Theater Company will sell you tickets for $10 with your student ID. It's an amazing deal: tickets to DCTC usually cost $40 - $50. These $10 student tickets are available one hour before curtain, for EVERY SHOW (unless they're sold out). Call in advance to make sure they've got availability, then go see their shows, which are always excellent.
No Holds Bard
This site details Mr. Kissingford's summer work, and provides a great deal of information about the original performance conditions of Shakespeare's actors. There are also links to other useful Shakespeare sites.