Principal Exams


The 2nd Grade Team believes math fact fluency is an important step in your child's education.  

  • We give timed math fact tests ("Principal Exams") two times per week. 
  •  The goal for 2nd graders is to pass the 2nd Grade, 3rd Trimester exams, for both addition and subtraction, by the end of the year.
  • Tests are labeled by Grade/Trimester.  For example, the 2nd Grade, 3rd Trimester test is labeled 2.3.  
  • The minutes allowed for each test and grade level can be found on the Student Achievement Goals graph.


Click here for an article by Scholastic on the importance of math fluency.


4th Grade Tests
Download Now!  4.1/4.2/4.3 Multiplication Form A
   Date Added: 11/03/09
   Download Now! - (39.17 Kb)

4.1/4.2 Multiplication 5 Minutes; 4.3 Multiplication 4 Minutes