What is WEB?

WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs. The purpose of WEB is to create a more caring and compassionate school. Our WEB leaders are trained to help new students, including all of 7th grade, become more familiar with Cresthill. Our WEB leaders advocate for our new students in a variety of different ways. They help new students with their schedules and lockers. WEB leaders introduce new students to their teachers and also help them meet new friends. They give academic and organization advisement to all of our 7th graders during homerooms. WEB leaders are involved in many different service learning projects as well. Our leaders do peer mentoring/counseling to students who need extra social and academic support. They also help out in our SSN rooms and plan many school related functions such as the Halloween Dance and Spirit Week. We are very proud of our WEB leaders and we appreciate all they do to make Cresthill a kind and safe place for all of our students.

Meet Our WEB leaders


 Hi, my name is Jacob and I am on Apex. I play baseball. I help students find classes and I also help with homework. I am very athletic and play sports.  Goodbye!


 Hi, my name is Zach. I love hockey and school. I’m a very good student and do what I can for the school.  I try my best in  evertything I do and try to help as many people as I that I can. I’m a WEB leader.



 Hi, my name is Joey. I like math. I love to play basketball. I am pretty good looking. I love to help peole out and  I also like wearing that purple shirt.



Hi, my name is Allison. I am on  WEB at Cresthill Iddle School.  I have played soccer for  8 years and I am very good at school. I love my school and everyhone in it. I  love my family and friends. I am energentic, kind and helpful.


Hey I'm Aida! I'm an eighth grader on team Apex! I play competitive soccer for Colorado United! I've played soccer since I can remember! It was too long ago! I'm in a sport year-round! Im always training to keep my amazing skills and get better at others! I'm one busy girl. I hope to play soccer at HRHS! I joined WEB so I can help other students feel welcomed to out amazing school! I love hanging out with friends and being my wonderful crazy self!!!


Hey y’all, my name is Mark. I play rugby which I am a beast at and football where no one can bet past me. I am a captain on both teams. I love to help others get good at sports.



Hi, my name is Trent and I’m an eigth grader on the Explorers eam. I’m currently in Geometry, GT Social Studies and LA, and Cresthill Action News Network. I enjoy helping people in need and teaching kids the right path. Being a WEB leader is one of the best things I’ve ever been apart of.



Hi! I’m Alexa! I am on the swim team in the Summer and I play tennis. I ski in the winter. I have the best brother in the world, Mason and the most adorable dog, Wrigley. I love summer and love art. Bye!



Hey! My name is Abby and I’m an 8th grader on team Summit. I love to play soccer and dance. I signed up for WEB becuase I wanted to make a difference at Cresthill. I also wanted to help other  kids!



Hello my name is David. I am an eigth grader on team Apex. I joined EB at the end of 7th grade. I have enjoyed participating in WEB and encourage many eigth graders to apply. Thank you for reading.



Hi, my name is Rachel. I am on Summit and I am a WEB leader. In my free time I like to dance, draw, and listen to music. I also love helping out someone when I can.



Hello, my name is Harry, and I’m an eigth  grader on the Explorers team. I love to play soccer and I am very good at it. I have to practice all the time all year long to keep my skills up. I joined WEB because I wanted to help people. WEB is the best thing I ever did.



Hi my name is Nick. I love to play basketball! I have been playing basketball for 5 years. I joined WEB so I could help new kids fit into our wonderful school. Also, to help out my school in any way.  WEB is a great program and thank you for reading.



Hi! My name is Krish and I love WEB. I love all kinds of leadership opportunities, and also enjoy filmmaking and mountain sports.


Hi I’m Kayley! I’m  very athletic and love sports. I got in WEB so I could help more people and help kids have a good transition in to middle school. I’m awesome and that’s all there is to me!


Hey Hey Hey!!!! What’s up guys? I’m Stephanie and, in case you couldn’t tell, pretty hyper! Anyway I like to write and dance in my room in the morning. I’m a really bad artist but I do like doodle the names of Twilight characters in my notebooks! Oh yes Team Edward. Not to mention team Justin Bieber! That’s another thing I like, music. I have like 2,000 songs on my Ipod! Anyway, I hope to see you guys around and if you seem me, come say hi!! I’m here to talk to! Lots o’ love!   -S

Write. Laugh. Love


Hi I’m Grant and I’m one of the WEB leaders here at Cresthill Middle School. I’m normally the type of person that doesn’t worry a whole lot about things and is the kind of the type to let the ride take its course. I’m kind of a computer person and I really like to learn new things about computers each day. My goal in life is to become a video game designer when I grow up. I hope everyone loves Cresthill as much as I do.



Hey my name if Melissa and I am an eigh grade WEB leader on Apex. I am  one of two captains on the CMS Catz dance team with Erica and I used to do gymnastics for 11 years at Adrenaline Gymnastics Academy. I do good in school and I am part of NJHS ( National Junior Honor Society). I love Cresthill Middle School! I love spending time with my friends and family and I love my little American Eskimo puppies. In HRHS, I hope to be apart of either a dance team or cheer. I weanted to be a WEB leader becuase I wanted to be a leader in the school and by being a WEB leader, I hope to make everybody feel welcome and feel like they belong here at CMS.



My name is Sami and I am an eigth grader on Apex. Making WEB has changed my life and taught me so much about becoming a better person. It has helped me build on my leadership skills, learn how to make an impact on people’s lives and create a better community at Cresthill.

I was born in Overland Park, Kanses and my Christian faith, volleyball, cheerleading, and acting are relly important to me. Someday I  hope to do something with my life that will leave a mark on th world and be remembered long after I’m gone.



Hey, I ‘m Erica! I’m captain of the Catz hip-hop team and love dancing. I also love chocolate, chillin’ with friends, and sleeping in. I think the color purple is pretty beast and I’m excited for high school. Being in WEB is super fun because it is like a big group of friends who get to hang out and figure out how to make CMS a better place.



Hey, Katherine here! I’m 14 years old and I absolutely love being on WEB! I wanted to join WEB because I’ve always felt like I’ve had great ideas to make Cresthill a better place to be and I needed to be surrounded by other people with similar goals and aspirations to make those ideas a reality. I love to dance, write, and also paint when I get the chance. I also love to go to youth group every week and I think going to Louisiana and Mississippi to visit my family and fishing with my dad are just  about the greatest things ever.



Hey, I’m Tyler,  I love all sports and play on a very competitive baseball team. Leadership is a big part of my life and that’s why I joined WEB. I also joined WEB so I could be involved in making Cresthill the best school in DCSD. All kids at Cresthill will be in good hands with the great WEB leaders of 2011-2012! Thanks  for reading!


Hey, I’m Reilly! I love to play tennis, run, and hang out with friends! I joined WEB because I really love to brighten other people’s days, and I thought this would be a great way to help others. Basically, I’m  a pretty awesome person.